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Dalbeattie Community Sport Hub – Terms of Reference


The Dalbeattie Community Sport Hub (CSH) was set up in 2013 by D&G Council Active Schools and Community Sport.

The aim of the CSH is to increase participation in school and club sport in Dalbeattie.  It brings together local sport clubs, Active Schools, local schools and other relevant partners to help fulfil this aim.

Representation of organisations on the CSH Steering Group will be kept under review, and will seek to represent a broad spectrum of sporting interests aligned to community need. The initial representation is appended to these Terms of Reference.

Dalbeattie CSH

  • The CSH Steering Group will be chaired initially by Community Sport Hub Development Officer with a view to identifying a volunteer chair by end of 2014.
  • The CSH Steering Group will meet once a month.
  • The Active Schools and Community Sport Officer for Dalbeattie will perform the secretariat duties for the CSH Steering Group, to be reviewed annually.
  • Membership of the CSH Steering Group will be by invitation with such invitations being reviewed as appropriate.
  • Sub-groups with a remit to look at specific issues will be formed as necessary by majority agreement of the CSH Steering Group, and will report back to the CSH Steering Group. Composition of sub-groups may include organisations which are not CSH Steering Group members.
  • The outcomes of the meetings will be reported openly and fairly.
  • Minutes summarising discussions will be circulated to all Steering Group members and published on the Dalbeattie CSH website.

Appendix 1: CSH  Representation 

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