Positive Coaching Scotland

Positive Coaching Scotland is based on Positive Coaching Alliance, a successful US model that was developed at Stanford University in 1998 to combat escalating health and social problems.

PCS challenges the win at all costs mentality and focuses instead on effort, learning, psychological development, building confidence and developing responsible citizens.

And it does so by encouraging positive attitude and behaviour among coaches, parents, teachers, sport leaders – and players.
By involving the whole community, PCS provides the tools and framework for a positive sporting experience that can also be character-building. It sets a new standard for all the key influencers in a young person’s life.

The cornerstone of the strategy is the Double Goal Coach ethos. The first goal is winning: learning to compete effectively, through concerted effort, is a necessity in today’s society. However, the second more important goal is to teach young people vital, character-building life skills through sport – such as leadership, handling adversity, teamwork, persistence and compassion – that will equip them for the future.

For more information about organising a PCS workshop for coaches, volunteers and parents please contact Sue Brodie at: sue.brodie@dumgal.gov.uk

For general information on Positive Coaching Scotland visit the website: